Can you take away my old unwanted appliance?

Yes, we offer appliance removal.  Please ensure the appliance is unplugged and ready to take away.  This service starts from £15 per item for removal. 

Please note that we can only offer this service on particular ranges of our products depending on the courier service that deals with them.

Please call us if interested in this service.


Do you do installations?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service at this time.


Can I register my appliances under the Manufacturers’ Warranty?

On certain items, yes - if the product SKU begins with a Z or a J then you're in luck, providing it isn't a John Lewis Brand item.  In addition to this, Domestic Appliances 4U give you free 12 months warranty on all our products automatically. Your DA4U Invoice acts as your warranty document so please keep it safe.

To find the SKU, look out for it on the category and product pages below the main item image.


What is its history of the Refurbished Machines and how old are they?

When the machines come into our workshop we don’t have any information on their history, so we can’t be certain how old they are or what, if anything was wrong. What we can tell you is that every machine that passes through the DA4U workshop is PAT tested to ensure it is electrically safe, function tested by qualified engineers to make sure it is in full working order, and then valeted to ensure the machine looks and feels its absolute best both inside and out.